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well im off!! [30 Jun 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | awake ]

sup mah niggazzz?!? well its thursday and im leavin for the shore in like 5 mins...sunday i have this bbq to go to and hopefully a certain sum1 WONT be there...cough. ne wayz, i fixed my computer so now its like...new. i swear im a genius sometimes..ok well i g2g just thoguht i wud update..my hands are bout to fall off im typin sooo god damn fast. ok well..i love my cuzzy rick<3 and thats all i got ta say. ~A<333

[20 May 2005|01:48am]
[ mood | amused ]

AHH!! today went by so fast! i had band 3rd period cause concert choir stole one of our rehearsals lastweek...and then i took a lesson 7th period (last period..cause yes once again i am indeed in the tech lab)...keyboard made of creammmm!!! so i played my druggie game most of the period...damn columbians..they took all my drugs and sent me back to LA, then i got raped by the fat black man named shaft...it sucks cause were both men, but then he made up for it cause he payed me $500!...sry bout that, ok back to reality. then mr holcomb said that hes gonna make me play drums next year because he just recently found out that i can play...evnetho HE DIDNT BELIEVE ME WHEN I TOLD HIM!!! he had to hear it from a teacher...haha....ok well thats all for now..im gonna go do some english shit with julia. lemme go get my book in my locker...ttyl later.

ps, i met a great kid named kevin....he has really just caught me off guard, and now i really like him...AHHH!!!!! <3


[13 May 2005|08:09pm]
why am i even writing in here when i am like this? yea i think by now everyone knoes wats wrong with me. and u knoe wat? ive had it. i really have taken all i can take. i cant handle it ne more!! i get taken advantage of WAY too much and im sick of it...get da fuck outta here. im done.

jul and rick...that is ITTTT<333333333333

[13 Apr 2005|04:23pm]
[ mood | shshsfhbfb ]

backkk once again..cant believe tomorrow is thursday alreadyy....ahh. well today was..ok. nothin too interesting happened...i was depressed like all day. but cuzzy makes me feel so good all the time..wtf wud i EVER do w/o her?!? i just felt like shit the whole day and she was thereee =) thats what really matters. so im glad i got her atleast<3 so ne way, they let us out of 8th period soo i got out early and walked with cuzzy and pat. school was...the same. forgot to write shwank a note again..dag i really wanted to. ughh...looks like friday is going to be pure shit. early dismissal, no anc =( ::tears:: ahhh shit lemme go...byee ~A<333

You Lions usually like being in demand, but today you may feel annoyed because it doesn't seem that others really care about you. They just want you in attendance because it's more fun for them. Don't be misled by your own insecurities. The truth is that you may be overly sensitive. Remind yourself that you have a special magic of your own to bring to any situation

[12 Apr 2005|05:22pm]
[ mood | WEEEEEEE!!!!!! ]

yo yo nalabears...yea das rite. im in SUCH a good mood rite now...AH! cause when i came back from the shore on saturday i filled out an application for acme online..cause i wanna get a job there. (down the shore of course!!!)...for a few reasons...one, because they hire YOUNG ppl and i can meet new ppl, two i always see alot of BOYSSSS there and i really need to meet them haha oh yes..i do..., and three because super fresh hires all handicapped ppl..so i was NOT gonna work there...even tho i do happen to be disabled ahaha...such a shame. but ne way, when i got home from school my brother told me ACME CALLED...and they left a message..and they want an interview!!!!! I MIGHT BE EMPLOYED THIS SUMMER!!!!!!! wwwwwwoooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hahah ok ok im sry..ill calm down. WWEEEEEEEEEEE! iite...ne way, school wasnt that bad. it was our first day back on our shitty normal schedule...ughh...oh how i wanted to shoot myself when i had to wake up >:o
ahhh well atleast we get out early this friday!!! YES!...this was a short update cause i cant even type im so happy..~A<333

[09 Apr 2005|10:50pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

yizzoooo....i was at the shore like...all day. i applied for some jobs for the summer...so we'll see wat happens with that! i just took this name generator and im like histerical laughin hahaha...well lemme go..exhausted!!! ~A<333

I MISS MY GOD DAMN TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3333333333333

Adrienne Doris Reinert's Aliases

Your movie star name: Chips George

Your fashion designer name is Adrienne Rome

Your socialite name is Dinkey New York

Your fly girl / guy name is A Rei

Your detective name is Wolf Gamp

Your barfly name is Bread Vodka

Your soap opera name is Doris Merganser Pl

Your rock star name is Starburst Cheetah

Your star wars name is Adrlen Reisal

Your punk rock band name is The Tired Shoe

ahaha how ridiculous!!!!! and this one made me happy

You Are A Good Friend

You're always willing to listen

Or lend a shoulder to cry on

You're there through thick and thin

Many people consider you their "best friend"!

and this one is SO ridiculously true!!

You Are 45% Left Brained, 55% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.

Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.

If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.

Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.

Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.

If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.

Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

this one i just find RIDICULOUS

Toxic by Britney Spears

"It's getting late
To give you up
I took a sip
From my devil cup
It's taking over me "

Ah, what's a year without breaking a few hearts? Literally.

[08 Apr 2005|10:51pm]
[ mood | full ]

hey ppl..not much goin on...just got back from dennys wit rachel haha..we have to be the biggest bums in the world. but uh..nuttin to really talk about..just comment me on this survey thingie..copy nd paste it..got it from gi...ttyl pplz. ~A<333

1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
2. Am I lovable?
3. How long have you known me?
4. When and how did we first meet?
5. What was your first impression?
6. Do you still think that way about me now?
7. What do you think my weakness is?
8. Do you think I'll get married?
9. What makes me happy?
10. What makes me sad?
11. What reminds you of me?
12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
13. How well do you know me?
14. When's the last time you saw me?
15. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
16. Do you think I could kill someone?
17. Describe me in one word.?
18. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger, weaker, or staying the same?
19. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
20. Would you make out with me?

[29 Mar 2005|08:48pm]
[ mood | amused ]

well today wasnt dat bad. first day back from our spring "break"...ugh how gay. ne way, i got up all extra early today for no apparent reason..quite ridiculous. and da sad part about it is dat i was actually in a good mood (???) i dun even knoe why i think dats sad (???) my life. so yea, i spent some time re-arrangin my locker dis mornin a lil and den i got my algebra folder together. me and christin had dis long ass talk this mornin bout stuff..den andre was all...caressin my face with his cheek. haha i love him tho. nd den in advisory i felt a lil akward walkin in..so i juss gave a lil half wave to my ppl...esp since i was still a lil..unsettled bout da whole rachel thing. but i was really happy this mornin, hope it lasts... anyway, concert choir was out like all day...i love when dere not dere. da class is like empty..greatness. i shud really be doin dat english shit rite now, but i just got lazy and dun feel like doin shit. so yea...i hate her. she looked like a stuffed kosher pickle today (hah cuz)...so yea, i GUESS me and rach worked things out by basically avoiding da situation...i just dont wanna fite wit her..and i cudnt be mad at her. and it started in advisory when she was givin me dis look..like she knew that i knew that we were it, and we both knew that we were thinkin bout how it was gone?...yea i knoe u dun understand but i do haha. o well. she was lookin at me so intently dat i just..cant be mad. so..i suppose we are cool now. moving on, i stayed over my aunts house today till like 7:40...got home at 7:50, timed myself in the shower and got out at 7:58!! dat is SUCH a record!! see im used to takin 45 minute showers so i was proud. my aunt is thinkin bout takin me to da carnival dis weekend b4 it ends...ne one gonna b dere? maybe ill see ya there. i dun even knoe if i wanna go...but hey, if ne one is goin den lemme knoe. iite im out. bye ~A<333

[05 Mar 2005|11:26pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

hey hey...i got one of those myspace thingies now...i already have 12 friends! yay! i feel special haha..esp since ant is one of them! ohhh yeaaa! hahah omg..so sexy. cant believe sal is movin like across the street from him (yea thats rite!)...ugh. ne way, after my entry on friday i went to juls house..haha we pretty much sat, drew, ate, and...walked. hah. of course i just HAD to get somethin at CVS..ridic. but now atleast me and cuzzin have something to write in now! we must christen book #2! yes! and its greenn!! (did that just for u cuz)...actually u have ur choice of black or green, ur two fave colors! so yea...i wasnt at juls house for 5 MINUTES, and the most ridiculous thing happened...cant speak about it. it was just TOO ridiculous. hahaha jul...we were D E A D. and i mean dead. like..no breath. she claims it was funnier then the rs moment in school. how ridiculous....so today i had some communication with anc<3...not much, but hey..its somethin! i cant complain. just, when am i gonna get to see her? never? hopefully soon...</3. sooo..i did ALOT of chores today...more then usual hah which is a damn shame, because i so much stuff. so den i went shoppin with mama dukes..and we had dis discussion about me gettin a job dis summer. i wanted to work at acme down the shore...but den i remembered dat dey only let u push da carts outside when ur 15 and my bday aint till da end of july...so my mom was like "i dont want u pushin carts..someone mite come up and grab u" haha..now i was gonna be all cocky and just be like.."yea mom..im really gonna let dem do dat." or like "yea rite! ill kick dem in da nuts!" but i was just like.."yea..ur rite."..and she shut up! just like dat! hahah its a miracle! so...den i came back, got cleaned up...den went to da mall wit rach. i got back at like 10..and now im just sittin here bout to watch snl. well, lemme go now. peace out shotgun babies. (?) &deg;A-hole &hearts; i love clancy the giraffe!!!!!<333333 LOVE LOVE LOVEE!&hearts;

[30 Jan 2005|02:28am]
[ mood | aighapiohn12-397205982y0rpiqkn ]

hey ppl, so once again i am at my aunts house haha..i swear i live here. anyway, today was pretty boring. sal called just to see if i was gonna be home later so he cud call me, since he had to go out..so i guess he'll be home round 11 or 12..and i guess me and him are cool now so thats good. i miss him. ne way, im so glad to be out of that house...its like a prison. my parents need to stop with the chores...like i told bianca, i had to paint the bathroom the other day, and a few nites ago i was fixin a door..who does that? then like all this summer, he made me put up a wall with him down the shore. i had to carry 4 sheets of dry wall at a time...just in case u dunno how friggen heavy they are..1 of them is like carryin 12 gallons of milk and an air conditioner at the same time..so yea and lemme tell ya how i had to take out 2 toilets, and put 2 new ones in. then put in 3 air conditioners...oh and im not even gonna get started with the whole ordeal about how i fell off the deck because i was hangin off a couch? yea...im not gonna get into all that shit....well im starvin and my salad is ready now...thanks aunt dorito. ill update in a few....~A*

ok i am back and it is now 2:25 AM....it is now official....i can trust NO ONE.  NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!...ya got me?!?!?!?! I HATE MY LIFE AND EVERYONE IN IT! ppl i thought were my friends are TRAITORS and LYERS....just GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! is there anyone left in this world who is worth anyones time? i knoe my tone has changed since i last updated, but i dont care....this just isnt fair. and i need help....i do. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PPL THESE DAYS? i wish i was someone else....no u knoe what, I WISH I DIDNT EXIST. PUT ME OUT.....NOW. IM SURE EVERYONE WOULD LIKE IT WUDNT THEY???? MMMHMMMM. NO ONE NEEDS ME...IM JUST HERE TO BE USED AND TREATED LIKE SHIT! U TELL ME UR MY FRIEND, AND THEN U JUST FUCK UP MY LIFE! GO AHEAD! I DONT MATTER ANYWAY! oh i am soooooooooooooo done. bye.

[29 Jan 2005|12:21am]
[ mood | amused ]

well well well...today was just GRAND lemme tell ya. haha..i was pissed cause i didnt wanna go to this god forsaken mixer...but oh well. so school was shit as usual..i hated it. ppl suck...like friends? wtf r dey? do dey exist? im startin to lose hope in ppl...like im not even bein mean or accusin ppl but just like...i dunno it seems like everyone has theyre own seperate story and thats why their pissed..like i dun even knoe. i mean i knoe why IM upset, but i dunno why everyone else is all fucked up and bitchin at me. like dey really think i care. and i really dont...so im just gonna act normally and go about my business as usual...moving the fuck on!!! damn!!...............................................................

anyway, the mixer wasnt all dat bad...actually quite entertaining hah. so when i got home from school i ate dinner and den got in da shower...but of course rachie called me while i was bathing haha..so i talked...like always, even when i happen to be in the shower. but ne way, we discussed what we were plannin on wearing...got dressed, picked up anc by like 7:15, and were off. i swear we were like da first ones there. so anc started goin totally crazy..ahaah gi came up to me and was like "DO U SEE THIS?!! UR COUSIN IS FUCKIN CRAZY!" and i was just like "I KNOE!" but seriously, she got everyone to dance..she really started da whole thing. all i have to say bout dat is dat i am SO PROUD OF HER. i really and truly am cause not only did she GET DA PARTY STARTEDDDDD, but she wasnt afraid to strut her stuff and flaunt it....(haha anc i knoe dats ya favorite linee!<33) so yea...it took us a while to get into it, and i finally got rach to dance with the help of nat and cait haha. so yea it was all good. i danced wit quite a few ppl actually...and all nite i had my eye on chippy and puertiii (dats rite..u knoe hoo u r. i call you chippy now!) so yea...im liked dere body guard cause like no one leaves dem da fuck alone..omg i cursed so much tonite it wasnt even sane. i need ta calm down wit dat..but i was just so excited i just cudnt contain myself..ever get like that? anyway, all of a sudden i dun even knoe how it happened, but zuino started grindin wit me..and den cainz came over...so i was in between those two and i dunno how i got dere..ahah it was fun tho! me and zuino talked alot..hes so cute! hah so yea...i started gettin all antsy at about 10...i was goin nuts haha..i think dere was actually a time when BIANCA, the great godess of dance, actually looked at ME and went "uh oh!"...i was like wow. hahahah..but ne way. thats all ill say for now cause im dead. ~A*

so to sum up my nite at the mixer.... AdRieLoVeBuG [12:42 A.M.]: wasnt that bad...just took a while to get it goin ya knoe?? cause all those south philly bitches took like 39759237492 hours to stop lookin at eachothers titties and dance.

enuff sed...

superbowl...next weekend?? the 7th?? can u even? i cant!!!!!

oh and cousin...this song that im listenin to now is def dedicated to you...you "bitch". i swear ur my heart i love you<3

AdRieLoVeBuG [12:34 A.M.]: wtf is she like canadian or somethin?
AdRieLoVeBuG [12:35 A.M.]: you just DONT ask a south philly kid wat water ice is...thats like sayin "what is air?"

hahaha great times great times....

[27 Jan 2005|03:00am]
[ mood | loved ]

hey well rite now im in school...and its 8th period tech slop. ohh how i hate it. but hey, this keyboard is friggen creamy! so today went by swiftly for the most part (since thursdays are my fave school day). first period we had tech so we had to do this whole god damn project within the period and have it printed and handed in...me and zach worked 2gether..yeaaa ritee.. im the one hoo did all the work as usual hah. but its cool...he signed my bookbag. a few ppl signed it today. haha rick i will not mention our little freaky thing goin on with that...so lets just move on to the next subject haha. me and jul finally wrote in our book today! so proud! hah. but ne way, rewinding to the very beginning of the day...when i came into school today i was sooo happy! i dun even knoe why! but i came strollin in listenin to my music...started huggn ppl...ran/danced up the steps to my locker, danced back down the steps, and just chilled till the bell rang. and then what do u knoe, rach tells me in our book..."cousin, ive noticed that ur not grumpy/sad in the morning anymore..why?"...ahaha so great! cause she KNOES why! its cause we are UBER close (hahah love it) and she makes school FUN! ridiculousnessssssss. i just felt so loved today..i got so many hugs and everyone kept sayin how good my hair smelled and just how good i smelled in general. and aww i just love my friends! (anc dont even hahaha..ur a fag) anyway, bean is sittin across from me rite now and he just asked me how to spell AUDIO! hahahaha what a bum! he just asked me how to spell like 12 things..i cant even haha. quite hilarious. anyhoo, what else is there to talk about..hmm...oh yea ive been talkin to luis alot more...both online and in person. i dunno we just sorta get eachother in different ways these days. its weird..but i just really wanna help him..like he dun even get it. moving on, I SWEAR IM GONNA EAT THIS KEYBOARD!!!! oh lord its just soooo ridiculously delicious sounding! hahaha reminds me of my "juicy letter" that i wrote to rick...she wants to "eat my mind" and then "stuff my dead body' so she can "keep it as a teddy bear"...hahah and then ppl wonder why we get along so well!!! am i not a brutal and harsh human being?! if i even AM a human?! lord...who am i?!....anyway, tomorrow is the mixer...ohhh how i LOATHE the fact that i am going. i mean i dont HAVE to go, but i already asked anc and rachie to come...and i cant just be like "nahh i dun wanna go so..too bad...ur stayin home too."...cause thats not the kind of person i am. sooo....i shall endure this misery that i have subjected myself to, just for the sake of bianca. (cause shes the one hoo is like...DYING...to go and i dont even knoe why) cause anc u knoe im not like gabby and im not gonna go and cancel shit that i already brought up...especially since i got ur hopes up...haha and u wud def never talk to me again, or atleast be mad at me if i did dat haha. hahahahahah jul, yall thint hat been batta goot? (ahahahahahaha i hope u understand that...if not then...ask me later hahahahaha) wow..im an asshole. ok well...i guess ill go now cause its 3:15 and its almost time ta go....i guess im walkin home wit john since cousin had work, gnut takes the bus, bean is gettin a ride, and the slob is at a game....alrite..i mite update tonite. byee! ~A*

yes thats rite...NEW and IMPROVED initials of thy hearttt!!<33

ricky my love, ur the best cousin in the world and u just rock like no other! ur the greatesssttt!! lovveee<33333

It may not be obvious to others now, but you could be hurting emotionally now. There is nothing to gain by keeping your pain on the inside. Just because something hasn't worked out according to your preference, this isn't a valid reason to withdraw. Use this time to consider what you've learned and what you need to change. Cool your heels and allow time for the passion to return before deciding what to do next.

wow...so true i cant even believe it. just shoot me.

[22 Jan 2005|05:26pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hey ppl...today i got a call from rach at 10:30..she was like "A, its snowin!!!!" haha shes still a lil kid inside..and ive noticed dat im not even excited ne more..and i think she cud pretty much tell aha. i was just like "uh huh..yea", partly because she woke me up hah. so then we just walked thru the park in the snow and got soaked and ridiculous. and we went to dunkin donuts...and den when we came back we cudnt even walk home it was so ridiculous. im startin to hate the snow...i really dont like it ne more lol. oh well. i guess its cause im growin up...anyway i dun feel like updatin so heres a survey u faggots...byee ~A

1.Best friends: jul rick gianna rachel anc
2. Person Who Knows The Most About You: julia<3
3. Craziest/Silliest Person You Know: i hate the word "silly" faggots...umm...jul and anc
4. Funniest Personality: jul or anc
5. Loudest: bianca
6. Gives the Best Advice: julia, rick
7. Cutest: hmm..haha..i dunno. i love ricks lil head<3 haha
8. Stupidest: hahaha prolly me jul or anc
9. Best At Keeping Secrets: all of them
10. Weirdest: we are all cynically insane..but umm..anc jul or rick
11. Most Hyper: haha we are alllll bums
12. Quietest: none of them when theyre with me!
13. Coolest: haha dorksssss
14. Smartest: umm...i dunno dere all equally smart
15. Ugliest: i cant believe someone wud actully make this an option! they are all beautiful..not even close to ugly! faggot ass survey! now im mad!
16. The One You Have, But Wish You Didn't: ....dont even
17. Favorite Friend(s) to Hang With: i love 2 hang with all of them!!
18. Who Do You Have The Most Fun With: all of them
19. Who Can You Do Nothing With And STILL Have Fun: bianca and julia...
20. Who Have You Dreamed About: all of them...freaky ass dreams hah
21. Nicest Guy You've Ever Met: hmm..umm well it used to be bean, till he became an asshole. prolly sal.
22. Nicest Girl You've Ever Met: ...umm....im not sure...all my friends dat r girls are all bitches hah...nah jp. i dunno

1. Serious or be funny?: funny, but serious when it is called for
2. GUYS-- boxers or briefs?: not the saggy boxers..they need support..i prefer boxer briefs tho ha
3. Single or taken?: single
4. Read or write?: write
5. Pen or pencil?: pen
6. Grey or Gray?: grey
7. Color or black and white?: color..but sometimes black and white is cool
8. Sunrise or sunset?: sunset...im not up early enuff for sunrise ha im a bum
9. Rap or rock?: not sure
10. Stay up late or wake up early?: stay up late
11. Sex or shag?: sexxx
12. Is it POP or SODA?: eww...its soda u fag
13. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?: the anaerobic cell that evolved into the chicken that then mated and layed and egg...bitches
14. Tall or short?: dun matta to me
15. Sun or moon?: moon
16. Pants or skirt?: pants
17. Left or right?: right
18. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend?: 1 best friend
19. Ponytail or leave it down?: leave it down
20. Kids or no kids?: depends
21. Cat or dog?: dog....eventho "i love cats!"..syke ha
22. Half-empty or half-full?: half full u fag
23. Mustard or ketchup?: mustard..i hate ketchup...and i dun like mustard either but i just cant even
24. Hardcover or softcover?: softcover
25. Newspaper or magazine?: magazine
26. Sandals or sneakers?: sneakers<3
27. N*sync or BSB?: nsync ahahah...but arent they all dead ne way?
28. Adidas, Nike, Or Reebok?: all 3
29. Peanut butter or jelly?: umm..both?
31. Matt Damon or Ben Affleck?: Matt Damon the faggot that he is..
32. MTV or VH1?: hate hate hate...
33. Apples or oranges?: oranges
34. Vanilla or chocolate?: chocolate
35. Flowers or candy?: candy(their edible)
36. Dawson's Creek or Felicity?: hmm...felicity
37. Romantic, comedy, or horror?: its a tie u fag
38. TV or radio?: tv
39. Fries--Burgers Kings or McDonalds?: mcdonalds...thats why its called BURGER king...not...FRIER..king...yea..lemme shut up
40. Salt or pepper?: salt
41. Croutons or bacon bits?: croutons
42. Chocolate milk or hot chocolate?: depends, they both have their moments
43. Perfect lover or perfect friend?: perfect flover...hahah hows THAT u faggot?!?!
44. Sweet or sour?: sweet
45. Root beer or Dr. Pepper?: hmm...has to be Barqs rootbeer, if not then...dr pepper will do.
46. Tea or coffee?: coffee
47. Ocean or pool?: pool....i hate sand
48. Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheesier?: i like dem both
49. Mud or Jell-O wrestling?: ...ahah wow...neither
50. With or without ice cubes?: with
51. Rain or shine?: shine
52. Top or bottom?: ...on wat?
53. Skiing or snowboarding?: snowboarding
54. Biking or blading?: who the hell calls it biking?!?!? RIDIING MY BIKE..thank u very much
55. Cake or cookies?: ...depends on the occasion...birthday-cake...any other time-cookies.
56. Cereal or toast?: cereal
57. Night or day?: night
58. Gloves or mittens?: gloves
59. Dressed or undressed?: depends on wat situation ur in..
60. Eyes open or closed?: open
61. Fly or breathe underwater?: fly
62. Bunkbed or waterbed?: i dunno...bunk bed i guess...i have way too many pointy things in my room..dere wud be a flood...besides, im too rambunctious
63. Chewing gum or hard candy?: chewing gum...it keeps me occupied longer.....unless its starburst<3 the only exception
64. Motorboat or sailboat?: motorboat
65. Lights on or off?: off
66. To call or be called?: depends whos callin, or who IM callin
67. Make plans or go along with them?: hmm..i dunno im usually the one to go along with them, cause when i DO make plans, then never work out... :(

What do you think of when you hear...?
1. Bill Clinton: ugly faggot
2. Lollipops: sugar
3. dreams: somethin i need to do more of
4. Love: heart
5. Whipped cream: hahah it wud sound wrong if i told u WHO im thinkin of..but its not even like dat haha
6. South Park: howdy ho faggot
7. Guys: are they sexy?? better be
8. Girls: are they bitches??? ill shoot them
9. Death: it somes when it comes..
10. Rollercoasters: hate dem
11. Thunderstorms: my mom and forts haha

[21 Jan 2005|09:06pm]
[ mood | in a pissy mood dun fuk wit me ]

well hey...today was another fucked day. jul didnt come in yet again..and i was very mothered about that. faggot ass bitch. hah. anyway, we had 2 tests today..and we have midterms next week...theyre actually makin the friggen periods longer just so they dont have to fag up THEYRE schedule...i hate it. and like wtf were already on chapter 13 in scotts class?? she can go pass away now. tara better mother her ass on the ball haha thats all i got ta say bout dat shizz. ok well it was quite frigid out today...ridiculous. ppl were gettin annoyed with eachother, ppl talkin bout eachother...jesus...my life is just like friggen mean girls. i feel like fuckin lindsay lohan...which sucks!!! i hate it all! and now im really startin to hate ppl i never thought i wud hate b4...jul u knoe alllll about dis..and dun even say its not true cause it is. i mean it. like except for like 3 ppl..i hate everyone else! haha..so if ur readin dis, i prolly hate u too. unless ur like...jul or rick<3 ha. anyway, the reason why im startin to hate ppl alot more is because like...im not even like tryin to brag rite now...but i will be honest and i will say, that lately i have been SUCH a good friend...i mean everyday it seems like someone else has a problem...and dont i take the time out to help them? talk to them? console them? comfort them?....so then when I get into a friggen depressed mood, deres like no one dere. the only one i can really say that was there for me like dis whole week....who really helped me...and who seriously made me feel betta, was rachel. (aka rick). like i cant even explain it. does no one care that i took the time out to help dem thru theyre bullshit??? and yes dis is how i REALLY feel ppl...not like u care ne fuckin way..just thought i wud let u knoe. (and jul hah all dis doesnt include u cause u werent dere..and i love u ne way so ur cool hah)...so yea...i just wish dere were more considerate ppl out dere. cause i dun really think its fair when i get taken advantage of...and it happens alot. i just dun really appreciate it. so dun fuckin complain to me ne more ppl if ur not gonna do shit in return. and den ppl have the fuckin nerve to come up to me and act like nothin is wrong...like they DONT EVEN REALIZE what fuckin facial expressions mean...no one sees the looks on my face?? cause its really plain and easy to see dat someone is depressed if dere face looks like dere friggen mother just died in front of dere face..(and no i wasnt even say mother to be funny..im dead serious) like seriously...R U ON DRUGS??? they must be. or maybe theyre just literally mentally retarded. im sry if i offended ne one...but dun go assumin dat dis entry is about u...cause dats da last fuckin thing i need rite now...more bullshit and stuff dats not even true. ok well..dats about it for now i guess...bye assholes. ~A

damn i curse way too much when im pissed off...

i love rachel stumpo<3

[09 Jan 2005|11:07am]
[ mood | aggravated ]


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i dun feel like updating today..so heres somethin to do...copy and paste it into a comment box and fill it in..please! ~A*

PS..dun wry its not dat long

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[02 Jan 2005|04:21pm]
k this is the second entry of today..just because my good friend nutty g gave me an idea...here it goes.

post a memory about me, or somethin we did together in 2004..just to bring back some great memories!

hearts for everyone!!! <33


[16 Dec 2004|05:50pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

ahhh!!! i cant even believe dat i STILL gotta go look at her pics wit dis song! (jul u knoeee...AHHH! i loveee herrr!! yess!!) so today it wasnt DAT bad..it went pretty swiftly i guess..its just seems wayyy longer cause we had a half day yesterday..i hate dat! cause it seems like were in school foreverr. anyhoo, im mad at james. that bum! jul i think u knoe why haha..did he explain it to u at lunch? i think so. and den he has the nerve to say "your a 10 in my book!" i felt like sayin YOUR MOTHER IS A TEN!!...lemme just not. ha. newayz, it was so ridiculous how i was makin gianna laugh lastnite...and we were ONLINE! hahah...she was like "yea i cant believe dat janitor bitch hit me wit a towel..i shud sue" and this is wat i sed...
AdRieLoVeBuG [9:06 PM]: and theyll be like "hmm..what was her name?" and we'll be like "i dunno...but, she had 3 teeth"..and den they'll be like "ohhhhh bonshequah!!!"

hahah so yea...(no offense to da bonshequahness anc haha)...anyway, ive been dancin waayy more den usual lately..im startin to get back into dat again..i used to do it erryyday. now im startin to dance everyday when i get home from school and walkin down the street. haha..ppl be lookin at me like "waaaa?" ....omg...i just morphed into bianca....WUD U NOT SAY DAT ANC?!?! PLEASE CLARIFY DAT! "ppl be lookin at me like waaa"....AHHHHHHH!!! HELP MEEEEE!! and omg...i dance everywhere now just like u...KILL ME PLEASE. i cant even do it. (?)..so 8th period me and leon were jammin in the tech lab..i was on the drum pad, and leon was playin the piano..ahah mario bros. and then i was twirlin on the chair like the assface i am...so den i was like "yo gary..im thirsty" and we went to get a drink..and den all of a sudden i was feelin my throat again (hahahha yes..i do that alot now..) and then gary came over and did it and i made such a noise that i didnt even knoe i cud create such a sound! well then i think im gonna go now cause im sick of talkin about this boring day...well bye.


report card day.. [29 Nov 2004|05:31pm]
[ mood | angry ]

this is my HATE SONG!!! anc u knoe what im talkin about!! the song that we wrestle to..when we do wrestle cause it seems like its been forever since we last had done. lol...well...i hate my life...i did soooo well on my report card, and then there was HEALTH. of course that wud be the subject that messed it up because i cant even breathe!!!!!so health is somethin i DO NOT HAVE!!!!! I HATE THOSE FRIGGEN PAKISTANI MOTHER F**KERS!!!!! i seriously hope MR. NAVEED CHAUDHRY gets speared through the chest with a flaming poker and then burns in the steaming, fiery, depths of hell with the feelings of guilt and painnnnnnnnn!!!!! my hate for this man is farrrr worse then the hate i aquire for WILLIAM SHATNER...ohhh yess....farrrrrrrr worse. omg...i am sooo mad rite now. and NOW since i PROVED with that great report card that i DO my work, and im NOT lyin when i say im doin good, when my mom asks me questions SHE BELIEVES ME!! and she believes me about chaudhry!! i TOLD her i want her to go up there and have a conference with him because i DO NOT DESERVE THE GRADE I GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mom just sed "he doesnt like you" and i was like "i know!!!" cause lastyear i had a 69.9 and he DIDNT ROUND IT UP TO A 70!!! i think i almost died when i saw that...NOT EVEN A WHOLE POINT! only one tenth of a point was needed for me to get a 1 letter grade higher!!!! I HATE HIM! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!! i wud seriously kill him if he was in front of me rite now..i think wednesday in class ill have to contain myself..woo...calm downnn agee...just chill babe...I JUST CALLED MYSELF BABE! IM GOIN NUTS!!!!!! i cant type ne more b4 i get even angrier at this asshole of a teacher...so here goes another accurate as a mother horoscope!

Even if you are normally the outgoing Lion, now you want to hold your feelings on the inside where you don't have to justify them to others. You may have far-reaching idealistic goals now about romantic relationships, but the reality does not match up with your fantasy. Don't force the issue. Rest assured that what you imagine now can manifest in your life if you remain optimistic.

^^^^THAT IS ME^^^^...i cant take this accurateness!! WHYYYYY?!?!?!

just a lil ditty.. [12 May 2004|07:10pm]
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[31 Jan 2004|03:13pm]
[ mood | weird ]

im back! this is the first time that im actually concious writin in this journal cause lastnite i was half asleep... so anywayz, tommorrow is the superbowl! finally!! and im goin over my aunts house (once again) damn i practically live there! yea so0o..im excited cause my anc is gonna be there! omg yesterday we were wrestling and jumped up and hit my chin and my lip started bleedin and then she smacked me in my face for NO REASON ::cough cough:: and my lip blew up, then she poked me in my eye with her splint cause some crusty ass bitch ran over her finger with those scooters in gym. i think its broken cause its all black and blue and shit..but she can still move it so it might be just jammed or sprained. ahh well! atleast she kicked her ass after that! ahah kick her in the ribs bitch! soo now im on the phone with jen and shes helpin me with "friend situations" ::cough cough:: u know who im talkin about! i just needed a lil guidance, thats all. so me and jen talked for about a half hour, then i called my aunt, then i called jul but she didnt pick up. ok well i guess im gonna go now cause im realllly bored.. bye byez ~aGiE

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